Garden makeover

  • This garden in Strathfield started as a bare garden
  • The garden now has a semi-formal theme – with ornamental grasses, hedging plants, fragrant plants, and screening plants
  • The clients are extremely pleased with their garden and we maintain it on a fortnightly basis during summer and monthly in winter

Complete revamp of garden bed

  • This simple garden bed needed work. It begun as a plain bed of soil
  • Our clients are delighted with their aesthetic low maintenance plants

New garden bed before house sale

  • This garden bed was installed prior to the house being put on the market
  • The job was completed before the new stone fence could be put up
  • The plants are ‘low maintenance’ consisting of contrasting foliage plants, architectural feature plants which provide great colour contrasts
  • The owners were able to sell their property on time, at a great price!

House plant decorations

  • This rooftop garden is on the top of a block of units we maintain monthly
  • The plants in this garden need to be able to tolerate harsh conditions

Rooftop Garden

  • This client needed some decorative plants all around the property
  • These plants are eye-catching and easy to care for