Established in 2007, Garden Bloomer has grown beyond expectations. We now have hundreds of well-established loyal clients, and as this base continues to grow, we have never lost that personal touch with each and every client. This has always been a main focus for Garden Bloomer.

We operate throughout most of Sydney, providing gardening services for private residences, nursing homes, resorts, businesses and development sites. The gardens we currently maintain differ significantly, from location (from Narrabeen to the Sutherland Shire) to size (from roof top gardens to large residential estates) and also in style. We understand that all gardens have varying requirements and we tailor a maintenance schedule to suit your garden, your style and your budget.

Shiro Mori, the owner/manager of Garden Bloomer, leads an experienced team. With over 10 years expertise in the Horticultural and Environmental Industry in Sydney, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in plants and how they can be best used in each specific landscape. He has a great eye for detail and will not leave a garden until a very high standard of work has been produced.


Environmental Policy


Garden Bloomer is an environmentally conscious and responsible business.   We aim to reduce our impact on the environment and to raise environmental awareness amongst our staff and our clients.


Our commitment to the environment is:

Water – Adopt appropriate practices to conserve and reduce water usage.

Soil – Promote a soil management and improvement plan through using organic materials and retain existing soil.

Waste – Minimise waste, promoting safe disposal and encourage recycling practices.

Plant Selection – Promote and educate suitable plant selection for the environment, climate and the needs of the client.

Materials – Wherever possible, utilise existing materials and choose materials that are produced in a sustainable manner.

Chemicals – Encourage minimal use and utilise organic chemicals

Sustainability – All practices and activities will be carried out following the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD).